Eighth Graders Study Revolutions

By: Sarina Yospin, 8th Grade Teacher 2015-16

This week in 8th grade, we began a new block: Revolutions!  We will be exploring revolutions from the 1700’s and 1800’s.  This is one of those blocks that meets the children so beautifully.  Europe in this time of its history can seem almost “teenage” in its attitude — internal conflicts over wanting to ignore the old authority of the “divine rights of kings” … young leaders rising up like “Bonnie” Prince Charlie to charms his way into the hearts of the Scottish Highlanders … regular people looking for a cause worth fighting for, and starting to see that there is power in their numbers.

It’s such a picture of the 8th grader: trying to find their own moral compass, looking for allies, looking for leaders and heroes doing real work in the real world.  The kids are so much more awake, alert and introspective this year.  They are excited for challenges and eager to prove themselves, to stretch themselves.  I am looking forward to diving into more revolutions as our block continues: the French Revolution, the American Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution, along with the labor movements it began.  In this block, we cover a period in history so full of change and transformation.  That’s where the 8th graders are living every day!

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