Looking Back at Grade 6 Trip to Eagle Bluff

By: Sarina Yospin, Grade 6 Teacher

The grade six class may have seemed a little less energetic than usual at the end of last week — it’s only because we were all happily exhausted from our three-day trip to Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center in Lanesboro, Minnesota. From the moment we arrived, the children were filled with excitement, energy for exploring, and the will to try new and challenging activities.

I think my favorite moments of the trip involved looking up and looking down… so often, I spend my time looking forward and plowing ahead, and forget to turn my eyes in a different direction. I’ll never forget taking the children on our night hike. The moon was new and it was so dark, millions of stars filled the sky, and the white stretch of the milky way shone across our way. Although on the trip, we all enjoyed much raucous laughter and singing, the beauty of the night sky filled the whole class with silence and wonder. One student said, “You know, there are parts of the world where it’s too unsafe to even go out for a walk at night.” I think we all felt lucky to be able to so peacefully enjoy the sweetness and magic of an autumn night in the woods.

As for looking down: the high ropes course was an incredible experience, and as much as you tell yourself, “Don’t look down!!!” you just can’t help it. I had the great joy of being on a tower in the middle of the course, cheering and encouraging each child as they faced fear and adventure thirty feet off the ground. They are certainly a brave bunch, and such a tight-knit family. It was incredible to see.

Looking up, looking down, looking back… it was a fantastic trip.