2018-19 Great Gatherings

2018-19 Great Gatherings

Great Gatherings are fun, fixed-price events meant to engage and grow our community, and thanks to the generosity of the hosts, all proceeds support the school! Gatherings can be designed just for kids, just for grown-ups, or for the whole family!

Thank you to the many families who are generously coordinating our 2018-19 Great Gatherings and to everyone who signed up for a Great Gathering at the Soiree on April 28. Eight of our 14 gatherings still have openings available. Click the links below for more information and to register!

The Art of Canning

Learn the basics of hot water bath canning and pickling with vegetables and fruits. This 3 hour class will include recipes, and a few finished jars to take home. Open to 10 people; adults only.

Date: Sunday, June 10, 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Hosts: Tammy Kimbler and Jenny Nelson
Location: Jenny Nelson’s Kitchen
Cost: $75 per person

Oktoberfest Gathering!

Enjoy German beer, food, and games (Hammer Schlagen!) in celebration of Oktoberfest (other refreshments also provided). Open to 50 people; adults only.

Date: Saturday, Sept. 29, 7:00 pm
Hosts: Jennifer Bawcom & Matt Kelly, Betsy Langer & Neil Weinstein, Maggie & Ward Johnson, Dave & Sarabeth Scott
Location: Jennifer Bawcom & Matt Kelly’s home in St. Paul
Cost: $50 per person

Wine and Wellness

Sample SuNu services such as Acupuncture, Massage, Shiatsu, Chakra balancing, Chiropractic, Graston, and Cranial Sacral and mix and mingle with wine, kombucha, and snacks. Open to 50 people; adults only.

Date: Thursday, October 4, 6:00 – 8:00 pm (tentative)
Host: Dr. Susan Quigley, SuNu Wellness
Location: SuNu Wellness, 12455 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka
Cost: $20 per person

The following gatherings have dates TBD, which we hope to finalize very soon!

Mom/Dad and Me Embroidery with Handwork Teacher Liz Kelley

Get crafty with CLWS Handwork Teacher Liz Kelley! Participants can bring an item of clothing they would like to embellish with simple embroidery stitches, with parent and child working together. Some ideas would be a dress or shirt, a shirt with a collar, or a t-shirt (with or without a pocket). Really anything is possible! Open to up to 8 pairs (one adult and one child, 1st grade and older).

Date: TBD (Early Fall or Spring; 3-hour workshop)
Host: Liz Kelley, CLWS Handwork Teacher
Location: CLWS
Cost: $20 per pair

Tiyumba Drum and Dance Family Gathering

Tiyumba (tee-yoom-bay) means “let’s love them”, and is at the heart of the mission of Tiyumba Drum and Dance. With the spirit of traditional African culture, Tiyumba reaches out and includes all in a joyful expression of life and community. Join us for a family-friendly Great Gathering of African drum and dance with Master drummer and Dancer, Fatawu Sayibu. As is taught by Ghanaian elders, “togetherness brings health and happiness”, and we are excited for this fun, rhythmic and active gathering together! Open to 50 people; all ages!

Date: Summer 2018 or Spring 2019; TBD!
Hosts: Kate Jacobson, Kitty O’Brien, and Fatawu Sayibu
Location: Outdoors, or CLWS in case of rain
Cost: $10 per person

Artisan Pizza Party

Join us for hand crafted artisan pizza in our home. Come eat, drink and be merry with others from our CLWS community! This is an adults only event. A variety of beverages will be provided in addition to interesting and delicious pizzas with a twist! (Wheat free options available if needed.) Open to 30 people; adults only.

Date: Summer or early fall, TBD!
Hosts: Marcee Hansen and Andy McQuigg
Location: Marcee and Andy’s home in Minneapolis
Cost: $25 per person

Community Sing-a-long!

Come make harmony together, singing rounds and part-songs–many from the Waldorf curriculum. No experience necessary! You do not need to be able to read music. Open to ages 9 – 109! The more the merrier!

Date: TBD
Host: Dan Abdon, CLWS First Grade Teacher
Cost: $5 per person

An Evening of Ayurvedic Exploration and Cooking

Have you ever wondered about seasonal eating, or why some foods seem nourishing to you but out of balance for your children. Insights from Ayurveda can help. Join us for an evening to explore your health and body type through Ayurvedic discussion and cooking. Together we will cook healthy snacks and meals for your body type, and discuss how your choices may change with the seasons. We will be cooking healthy, local, organic, gluten free, vegetarian food. If you do have a specific dietary restrictions please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Open to 15 people; adults only.

Date: TBD
Hosts: Kerry Meath-Sinkin and Theresa Helfer
Location: The Wedge Table
Cost: $50 per person

Can’t remember what you signed up for?
If you signed up for a Great Gathering at the Soiree, a save-the-date will be coming your way on Tuesday, May 29. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email kitty@clws.org.

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