Congratulations to Our 8th Grade Class of 2020!

For the next month we will be highlighting each one of our  8th grade students. Congratulations to our Class of 2020!


One thing to know about Sidney is that she doesn’t hold back. When asked what she is most grateful for during her time at CLWS, she says, “Art! Movement! Spanish! Ensemble! Handwork! Main Lesson! Math! Language Arts! TEACHERS! EVERYTHING!!!”

Sidney wants her first grade buddy to know this about CLWS: “You can always, ALWAYS ask your teachers questions. I used to not do that and I got nowhere. They are always here to help. Also, any art and imagination is welcome—don’t hide it, shine a spotlight on it.”

Sidney is headed to Blake in the fall. Congratulations, Sidney!


Makai stole the show as the Blue Fairy in his 7th grade production of Pinocchio. As for other class plays, he says the most challenging performance was Mahabarata in 5th grade, and the most fun was Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in 8th grade. In fact, he loved this year’s play so much, he’d do it all over again!

If he were to sculpt a beeswax animal to represent his time at CLWS, Makai would make a squirrel—his cubby symbol from way back in his Oak Kindergarten days with Ms. Elena.

Makai is headed to South High School in the fall. Congratulations, Makai!


As Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Kadin had the audience in stitches. He played a kind-hearted, klutzy buffoon who lamented, “O, had I but followed the arts!” Unlike Sir Andrew, Kadin is a talented artist and avid cyclist. After his time at CLWS, he knows two things for certain: “I can bike to school, and drawing is always the way to go.”

After 10 years at CLWS, Kadin will miss the small class sizes and his friends the most. He is extra grateful for all of the amazing teachers, and for recess.

Kadin is headed to Southwest High School in the fall. Congratulations, Kadin!


With 10 years of CLWS under her belt (including three years of Little Sprouts!), there is one thing Eleanor knows for sure: “I will be better off in life after the love and kindness that has guided me these past seven years.”

You may remember Eleanor as the grandma in Circus Cirquencia; a role that allowed her great humor and wisdom to shine. The circus scene that best represents her time at CLWS? “Twister. CLWS shaped me into the most creative shape I could be.”

Eleanor is headed to Washburn High School in the fall. Congratulations, Eleanor!


As Mayla reminisces on her 12 years at CLWS, one of her favorite memories will always be the rocket launches Mr. Frantzich would prepare for the class on the last day of school in 1st-4th grade. She also fondly remembers trekking into the woods with her family to collect birch bark for her 3rd grade shelter project: a wigwam.

If Mayla were to pick a Circus Cirquencia game to represent her time at CLWS, she would pick Twister: “It’s all about moving through and flexibility and figuring it all out.”

During this time of uncertainty, there is one thing that Mayla knows for sure: “That this is a great community that will always be there to support you.”

Mayla is headed to South High School in the fall. Congratulations, Mayla!


Jaiden joined our school in 6th grade but has always been a Waldorfian at heart! He found Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night to be the most fun and challenging of the class plays, and he’d be Sir Toby Belch all over again if given the chance.

In this year’s Circus Cirquencia, Jaiden played it cool (sunglasses and all) while wowing us with his perseverance and skill. He is truly grateful to CLWS for the circus arts program and for the friendships he has made. When asked what question he wished we would have asked, Jaiden replied: “Would you come back next year to do the circus again?” It’s just a hunch, but we think his answer would have been YES!

Jaiden is headed to Southwest High School in the fall. Congratulations, Jaiden!


Bohden is going to miss her friends and all the goofy and transformative times they’ve had together over the years. Even though they can’t be together right now, she is certain that her class has grown so much as a whole.

During her five years at CLWS, Bohden could always be counted on for a warm smile and was always up for fun and games with the younger grades. Our eighth-grade childcare and babysitting nights wouldn’t have been the same without her joyful presence!

Bohden is headed to Southwest High School in the fall. Congratulations, Bohden!


This year’s circus reminded Ava of one of the things she’s most grateful for after her time at CLWS: “In my juggling scene with the 7th grade boys, we were just dancing and being silly and they pushed me up onto the stage to juggle clubs when I didn’t want to. I was nervous to do a lot of things at Waldorf that pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I always ended up having fun.”

After four years at CLWS, there is one thing Ava knows for sure: “Waldorf is one big family that you get comfortable with fast if you let yourself.”

Ava is headed to Southwest High School the fall. Congratulations, Ava!


If Samantha made a beeswax animal to represent her two years at CLWS, she would make a peryton (seriously—look it up!). She reflects, “They are amazing and different. I came from a different school, so I was different, and this creature is DEFINITELY different.”

Samantha’s Grandpa character in Circus Cirquencia knew all the tricks behind the game and taught the slumber party girls how to play. Grandpa kept his eye on Grandma and never let her wander too far. Their handkerchief juggle was pure poetry in motion!

Samantha loves how we all play on the same teams at CLWS, and she is most grateful for the friends she has made. “I will remember this school forever,” she says.

Samantha is headed somewhere fabulous (and TBD) this fall. Congratulations, Samantha!


Monti’s three years at CLWS showed her how to learn deeply, work with her hands, and appreciate nature. She adds, “I’m so glad I came back for eighth grade. Despite missing all the fun end of the year activities, I remade so many connections with my classmates.”

Who could forget those yellow stockings? Cross-gartered no less! For Monti, the most challenging class play was Twelfth Night. If she could go back in time and re-do a play at Waldorf it would be Thor’s Hammer in fourth grade. Monti loved playing Loki and learning about Norse Mythology.

When asked what advice she would pass along to her first grade buddy, Monti says, “Waldorf is such an amazing and unique learning experience. Soak in Waldorf education as much as you can before high school, and use everything you’ve learned during your early years for later in life.”

Monti is headed to Washburn High School in the fall. Congratulations, Monti!


If she were to create a beeswax animal to represent her time at CLWS, Elora would make a puppy growing up into a dog because she’s spent practically her whole life here! One thing she knows for certain after all these years: “I have unlimited possibilities and I should explore all of them.”

Elora was part of the Corinth City State at her 5th grade Pentathlon. She says she surprised herself with her ability, especially in discus.

After ten years at our school, Elora says, “CLWS is more than a school. Get out of it as much as you can!”

Elora is headed to Blake in the fall. Congratulations, Elora!


Even though Stiven’s 8th grade year was his first year at CLWS, he jumped right in. His favorite class was Movement and Games, and he gave many CLWS students special soccer tutorials on the blacktop!

As Indiana Jones in Circus Cirquencia, Stiven reunited the baby Yeti with her mama after some daring feats and mighty whip cracking. “This was the first time in my life that I had an experience as wonderful…I had never been to a play, circus, and spectacle games.”

When asked what knowledge he wanted to pass along to his first grade buddy, Stiven says that CLWS is about love and friendship. “It’s a fantastic school,” he says. Next year, he will miss “all the people” at CLWS, especially his classmates, first grade buddy, and teachers.

Stiven is headed to Southwest High School in the fall. Congratulations, Stiven!


In 4th grade, William remembers choosing the North American Striped Skunk for his animal project. He also recalls being very nervous before his presentation, and then relieved that he made people laugh.

William has the following message for his first grade buddies: “Try to make friends with everyone in your grade, because you’ll be with them for a while.” After nine years at CLWS, William would also add, “Do not take recess for granted.”

If he were to sculpt a beeswax animal to represent his time at CLWS, William would make a hyena because he had, “a whole lotta laughs.”

William is headed to Blake in the fall. Congratulations, William!


Lila’s best advice about CLWS for her first grade buddy is, “Everyone’s always there to help you. No one’s there to be against you.”

If Lila could make a beeswax animal to represent her time at CLWS, she would make an elephant (the same animal she made on her first visit to the school). “Elephants are considered wise animals,” says Lila. “Now that I’m leaving CLWS having learned so much, I feel like the elephant is somehow appropriate.”

When asked what she’ll miss the most after her seven years at CLWS, Lila says, “All the people I’ve met, all the opportunities I was given, and all the things I was taught to carry through life.”

Lila is headed to Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists (SPCPA), in the fall. Congratulations, Lila!


Max still remembers the knitted kitty cat he made in first grade handwork. Its name was (wait for it…) MAX.

After eight years at CLWS, Max would tell his first grade buddy to: “Enjoy the process. CLWS is fun. I enjoyed the school and love all my friends.”

When asked which Circus Cirquencia scene best represented his time at CLWS, Max says, “When the TV broke, just like no media at school!”

Max is headed to Wayzata High School in the fall. Congratulations, Max!


When asked what advice she’d give to her first grade buddy, Maeve says, “Eight years…goes by in a blink of an eye, so cherish every single moment that you get. Participate in every game even if you think your friends think it’s lame. Try your best at your work, go up to the new kid and ask them if they want to eat lunch with you, be kind.”

After eight years at CLWS, Maeve values the love and encouragement she feels in our community. “Whether it is cheering on the 5th grade on their way to the Pentathlon, or cheering after a play or a festival or presentations, there is so much love and encouragement that I have felt throughout my years of school here.”

Maeve is headed to Blake in the fall. Congratulations, Maeve!


Maren vividly remembers stumbling out of her snow-filled canoe on the 7th grade Menogyn trip. The first thing she did was get out of her frozen clothes and eat as much coffee cake as humanly possible!

As Madame Fortuna in the 2020 Circus, Maren wowed us with her psychic abilities. It’s safe to say that Madame Fortuna would agree with Maren’s advice to her first grade buddy: “Just remember to always be yourself, because everybody is a little weird.”

Maren is grateful for all the memories she’s made in her five years at CLWS. “I am certain that I will remember so much of my time here, and how much fun I had.”

Maren is headed to Southwest High School in the fall. Congratulations, Maren!

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