Waldorf Toddler Childcare Program

Waldorf Toddler Childcare Program

We are delighted to share some exciting developments and program details about our new Waldorf Toddler Childcare program, scheduled to launch in 2018.

First, we are pleased to announce that Lynn Beuning has been hired as the Lead Teacher for our Toddler classroom. Lynn has worked with young children since 2004 in a variety of preschool and daycare centers. Most recently, Lynn served as the Lead Toddler Teacher at Children’s Workshop Montessori. Though Montessori trained, Lynn also has experience in working in a Waldorf setting and is thrilled to have the opportunity to combine her love of toddlers with the Waldorf approach to child development. When not working with children, Lynn can be found tending community gardens or working with the elderly in a retirement home. We are in the process of hiring two or three assistant teachers to fully staff the classroom.

What can parents expect from our Waldorf Toddler Childcare Program?

Our Waldorf Toddler Program will provide childcare in a beautiful, home-like environment informed by the gentle approach to child development that is at the foundation of Waldorf education. Experienced and capable teachers will foster early learning, empathy, a sense of warmth and community, and the joy and wonder of childhood.

We plan to offer a program for 14 children, ages 18 months to 36 months. Our program will run from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm or 5:15 pm. We will have a Monday-Friday option, and are exploring the possibility of adding a two-day (Monday-Tuesday) and three-day (Wednesday-Friday) option. Please take our quick survey to help us learn more about your childcare needs and wishes for our program.

Our Toddler Childcare Program will be conveniently located at our Loring Park Campus in the educational wing of St. Mark’s Cathedral, right across the street from the Walker Art Center and Loring Park.

What is Waldorf Education?

Waldorf education recognizes the child as someone with a unique, innate, inner core of identity. Waldorf education sees this unique individual who is developing step-by-step, and our program addresses their developmental, as well as individual, needs in a variety of ways: through the curriculum and environment, and through meaningful work and play.

Our daily schedule includes a variety of structured and free-play activities, intentionally staggered throughout the day to create a healthy mood of breathing in and breathing out. Children experience community life during meals and a daily social gathering time for verses, songs, fingerplays and stories. Imaginative play is at the heart of the learning experience; children engage with blocks, dolls, a play kitchen, knitted animals, things to climb and move – to create little houses, horses for journeys, shops for selling pies, tools for building boats to go as far as their imaginations will take them.

We also incorporate a robust outdoor experience into our daily rhythm: rain, shine or snow. Creative play indoors and outdoors strengthens the social skills of conflict resolution and builds capacities for problem solving and creativity. The foundation for physical development and health – coordination, strength, foresight and appropriate judgment – all unfold easily and successfully outdoors. Innovation that integrates the creative and cognitive aspects of children’s thinking occur naturally in the outdoors. We wish for every child to develop a lifelong love for and comfort in the natural world.

The teacher strives to bring respect for the dignity of this journey of the child and his or her family.  Each developmental stage is recognized, honored, and addressed through our curriculum and environment. Waldorf education not only recognizes that children learn best through imitation – especially of the adults around them – in the early childhood years, but puts this into daily practice.  

8:00-8:15 am Arrival
8:15-9:30 am Creative Play Indoors
9:30-9:45 am Circle
9:45-10:15 am Morning Snack
10:15-11:30 am Creative Play Outdoors
11:30-12:30 pm Transition, Lunch, Clean-Up
12:30-2:45 pm Rest
2:45-3:00 pm Transition, Goodbyes for 3pm children
3:00-3:30 pm Creative Play Indoors/Outdoors
3:30-4:00 pm Afternoon Snack
4:00-5:15 pm Afternoon care – Activities vary; Goodbyes

Our Waldorf Toddler Childcare Program includes a fully catered, organic, Nourishing Traditions method food program. All meals will feature whole-foods, which are properly prepared, seasonal, and promote healthy eating habits and strong digestion, especially geared towards the young child. Children with allergies or specific food preferences (Vegan, Halal, Kosher, etc…) can be accommodated, and the teachers may work with the families to offer suitable replacements when necessary.

SAMPLE MEAL PLAN Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Snack Sunflower seeds, raisins, cheese Rice Crackers and cheese Apples and almond butter Sunflower seeds, raisins, cheese Fruit wedges, cheese
Lunch Sprouted navy bean stew served with brown rice, provolone, and sauerkraut Rosemary sourdough pita, hummus, and roasted vegetables served with
cucumber salad and marinated feta salad
Tortillas with smashed sprouted black beans and garnet yams served with
corn salsa and Cotija cheese
Pasta with roasted vegetable tomato basil sauce served with Parmesan Sprouted lentil and vegetable soup served with sourdough bread and butter
Afternoon Snack Apples and almond butter Sunflower seeds, raisins, cheese Carrots and hummus Fruit wedges, cheese Rice crackers and cheese

What will the admissions process entail?

Families will be invited to submit online applications soon. Once you have applied, a family interview will be scheduled where you will have a chance to meet the teachers and learn more about the program. The teachers look forward to getting to know your family, including your child, during this interview. The City of Lakes Waldorf School admissions office will establish a pre-determined timeline in which we will notify prospective families of acceptance and the registration process.

Please take our quick survey to help us learn more about your childcare needs and wishes for our program. If you have any questions, please contact Soni Albright at soni@clws.org.

We look forward to serving your family and providing the highest quality care for your young child.

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