The 4th Grade Presents “Tales from Kalevala”

Tales from Kalevala

Tales from Kalevala

Friday, May 5, 6:30 pm | CLWS Third Floor Commons

The 4th grade students will present their play, Tales from Kalevala, on Friday, May 5, at 6:30 pm for parents and friends. The Kalevala is a Finnish epic poem (it was also the name of an area of Finland) that was sung by “runosingers” thousands of years ago to keep alive the people’s important, spirit-full stories. It begins with the birth of Vainamoinen, the greatest story-singer of all time, who floats in the ocean for hundreds of years inside an egg (a story-seed from the heavens). Tired of waiting to be released from the egg, Vainamoinen opens the shell himself and steps out onto land, an old man with the power to sing into being whatever he wishes. Some of his many adventures take him in search of love—unsuccessfully. Since he was born old, he missed the vital learning experiences of childhood, especially how to be a good friend. Please join us as we share our Tales from Kalevala.

–Ms. Crawford, 4th Grade Teacher

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