“Store by the Door” Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve had such a great time this year in the School Store, filling our shelves with gifts we know you—and your little ones—will love. Because we recognize that not everyone gets to spend as much time as we do browsing the selection, we’ve put together a few of our favorite items we hope will help as you start building your holiday lists. All of these items are available for purchase at the Store by the Door, and remember that all proceeds from sales go to support our school!

  1. Looking for a craft that just about anyone can do? Candle decorating is about as easy and fun as it gets, perfect for all ages and any level of experience. Bundle up a set of our decorating wax sheets, cookie cutters, and a simple beeswax candle for an everything-you-need crafty gift!
  2. Our Bee Paper sketch pads are a perfect weight: heavy enough to hold a wash of watercolor paint, yet smooth enough for simple sketching. Plus, they come in a great range of unique sizes. Pair a sketch pad with a set of Stockmar watercolor paints, and a tin of artist pencils for the budding-est artist you know.
  3. Pom-pom making is so extremely satisfying, and incredibly addictive! This handy Loome tool helps make it easy-as-pie, too. Use it to make perfect pom-poms, friendship bracelets, and even as a mini-weaving loom!
  4. Magical Window Stars are, well, magical! They are a perfect decoration for this festive time of year, but also a great way to practice math and precision folding all year round. Pair the book, Magical Window Stars, with a pad of Silk Tissue Paper and watch the magic unfold (and fold back up again!).
  5. Aren’t we all just looking for the next excuse to buy one of these amazing little handmade Fairies? Pair a group of your favorite Felt Flower Fairies with Elsa Beskow’s lovely, The Flowers’ Festival for a perfectly charming set.
  6. It is always a good time to start a new tradition, and Celebration Rings, Candles and Ornaments are a lovely tradition indeed! Get a set to honor your winter holiday, the favorite people in your life, or a fond memory of the year. We are fully stocked with ornaments – from monkeys to matryoshkas – so come find your fit!
  7. Have you got a collector on your hands? Put all that little stuff to good use with this DIY Kaleidoscope! Tiny marbles, pieces of string and miniature acorns are seen in a whole new light when viewed through this Kaleidoscopic lens.
  8. Many hands make light work, and little hands just love to help. A mini flour sifter, rolling pin, pastry cutter, and cookie cutters set you and your little one up for a wonderful afternoon baking—and a delicious reward in the end!
  9. These beautiful wood dollhouses are completely modular, and can be set up however you like. Build a giant home or a whole town. Take it down and build it up again. Add a couple of poseable, handmade dollhouse friends, and a pet cat (or two), and you’re on your way to fun!
  10. There’s a reason these beeswax sticks are our best-seller year after year—kids just love them. Surprise your kid with the whole rainbow!
  11. This wooden Spirograph comes with eight inter-changeable pieces for a unique picture every time. Imagine the possibilities!
  12. These Juggling Scarves move in slow motion, with plenty of surface area to grab on to. They are the perfect first step to juggling and a great gift for anyone who wants to learn this new skill in the new year!
  13. Beanbag Thuds (in every color, of course!) are the classic juggling stand-by, and are essential for one of the few bits of homework your Waldorf kid will get!
  14. Once you’ve mastered the basics, why not have a little fun with it? From liquid-filled, to battery powered, to rings and more, we’ve got tons of great ways to expand your skill!
  15. Want to try something truly difficult? For the juggler who’s done it all, the last big challenge is mastering the Juggling Clubs. Work alone, or try tossing them between partners. Either way, get ready, because it’s harder than it looks!
  16. Whisper your biggest wish to your little Star Baby, tuck her under your pillow, and see what happens next!
  17. Spinning tops were invented nearly 6,000 years ago(!), but they don’t seem to ever grow old. We’ve got spinners for every skill level (and level of patience!), from the super easy to the truly diabolical.
  18. These lovely Bright Now Cards were designed and illustrated by artist, teacher, and CLWS parent, Timothy Frantzich. Pick a card to set your intention for the day, try a few to tell the story of your year, or leaf through the whole deck and find yourself inspired!
  19. Big Stick Lip Balm to brace your skin against the winter wind, Sniffle Balm to sooth a stuffy nose, alcohol-free, essential-oil-based Hand Purifier to ward off those pesky germs – we are so pleased to have this wonderful selection of Lulu Organics products in the shop (all made right here in Minneapolis!) to help us get through this winter, naturally.

Holiday Shopping Hours

Now that you’ve built your list, come in and shop! We’ve added lots of additional days to our schedule over the coming weeks:

Saturday, November 30 | 11:00 am – 3:00 pm | Small Business Saturday
Friday, December 6 | 6:30 – 9:00 pm | Holiday Shopping Night (Adults only)
Saturday, December 7 | 9:00 am – 1:00 pm | Winter Craft Fair

The store is also open regular hours and can always be opened by appointment any time. Please contact Corinne Gill, school store coordinator, at schoolstore@clws.org for more info.

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