Waldorf Education: The 7 Core Principles by Peter Lawton

Sixth grade teacher Peter Lawton recently created a series of video presentations about Waldorf education, and we are pleased to share the second video with you here. “Waldorf Education: The 7 Core Principles” utilizes simple drawings, diagrams, and photographs to creatively illustrate and explore some of Waldorf’s most important shared principles, underlying beliefs, and starting assumptions.

“Each one of these seven principles represents a belief strongly held by Waldorf teachers the world over, including the faculty here at CLWS. We live and work with these principles every day,” says Peter. “What I’ve done in this presentation is taken each heading and riffed on it in my own way, in a way I hope is accessible and meaningful to all, no matter where you are in your Waldorf journey.”

More about the video:

This video explores the seven core principles underlying Waldorf education as defined by AWSNA (The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America). The seven core principles pertain to Waldorf’s image of the human being, phases of child development, developmentally appropriate curricula, and the importance of freedom in teaching, relationships in the learning process, and the spiritual orientation of the teacher.

The video concludes with an exploration of modern, materialistic world views and their negative effects on education in general.

Watch the video(s):

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