Fostering the Power of Imagination

Courage, Creativity, Imagination, Wonder in Education

To solve the environmental crisis, or any of the other ecological, economic, social and political crises we face, we need to foster the power of imagination in education. Future generations need to be able to imagine a different world. They need to be able to think creatively and come up with solutions that are outside the confines of current thinking. 

In a recent article for Scientific American, environmental anthropologist and author Peter Sutoris writes, “Our standardized, metric-driven, ‘efficient’ education systems essentially shape children in the image of artificial intelligence (AI). The perfect ‘worker,’ AI continually improves its own productivity but doesn’t challenge the larger structures within which it operates. It is one of the great paradoxes of our time that we invest so much into building supercomputers while marginalizing the imaginative potential of millions of human brains.”

At City of Lakes Waldorf School, one of our primary focuses is on helping children strengthen their imagination and develop their creativity. Through a dynamic curriculum integrating rigorous academic work, conscious social learning, outdoor experiences, and engaging artistic activity, Waldorf education awakens the capacities of the whole child and instills a lifelong love of learning.

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