Our Philosophy: More Green Time, Less Screen Time

A CLWS 5th grade student works on a Botany assignment in the school's raingarden.

A new collection of 186 studies show that high levels of time spent in nature are associated with positive mental health, cognitive functioning, and academic achievement benefits for kids, while high levels of screen time are associated with depression, anxiety, stress, poor self-regulation, etc.

City of Lakes Waldorf School emphasizes outdoor learning and play as important aspects of each students’ day—every day. In addition to the powerful health and learning benefits associated with time spent in nature, our students develop an intuitive and reverential respect for the earth as they spend time outside throughout the seasons, under the apple trees, at the lake, on the farm, or in the raingarden.

We are grateful for our partnerships with innovative local farms, providing our students with hands-on experience with agriculture and farm life, and for Minneapolis’ beautiful park system and chain of lakes—right in our own backyard!

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