The New Smart: Educating for an Uncertain Future

Our fourth grade students joyfully perform for the school community during our Autumn Festival of Courage

With increasingly rapid changes in technology and the nature of work, employers are interested not just in intelligence and social skills, but in an employee’s adaptability quotient, or AQ–their ability to adapt to new challenges with flexibility, curiosity, problem-solving, courage, and resilience.

In this article from the BBC, experts ponder the question: Is it enough to be smart? “IQ is the minimum you need to get a job, but AQ is how you will be successful over time,” says Natalie Fratto, a New York-based vice-president at Goldman Sachs.

At City of Lakes Waldorf School, we understand that developing human potential requires more than just academics. We uniquely prepare students to meet the changing world through a dynamic curriculum integrating rigorous academic work, conscious social learning, outdoor experiences, and engaging artistic activity. The depth and breadth of our curriculum challenges our students and develops crucial capacities that help them adapt and thrive throughout their lives.

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