Eighth Grade

High School Readiness

The eighth grade is clearly a pivotal year in your child’s life—the culmination of childhood, and the springboard into high school readiness and young adulthood. As such, our eighth-grade curriculum takes students from the past into the present day, with a journey through the history of intellectual achievements in science, math, history and literature.

Throughout the year, eighth graders are recognized as responsible and active citizens of our school community, serving as first grade buddies and volunteering within the school. A highlight of the year is the eighth-grade project, where students propose a subject for exploration, source and work with an independent mentor, and present the results to the school community.

To celebrate your eighth grader’s maturity and self-reliance, the school year ends with an extended wilderness and service trip.

Grades Teacher John Miller

John Miller

Eighth Grade Teacher

Your eighth grader will learn:

Language Arts: Short story writing, composition, grammar, speech and drama

Literature: Shakespeare

Mathematics: Algebra I, geometry

Science: Physics, chemistry, meteorology and human fertility

History: Industrial revolution, American history

Geography: Global geography

Spanish: Each student compiles a portfolio that showcases their understanding of grammar, phonetics, vocabulary and culture

Physical Education: Circus arts including juggling, balance skills, acrobatics, gymnastics and team sports such as volleyball, soccer and basketball.

Handwork: Machine quilting

Music: Recorder, singing and string ensemble

Art: Acrylic painting, clay modeling, charcoal and form drawing

Eighth Grade Trip: A wilderness, passage or service experience

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