Fourth Grade

Emotional Self-awareness

For your fourth-grader, the year ahead promises a new level of emotional self-awareness. Your child will become more independent, recognizing the separation between themselves and the surrounding world. You may notice a corresponding evolution in your child’s thought process as reasoning becomes more objective. Our fourth-grade curriculum is designed to support this new level of maturity.

For example, we study Norse myths, as they are particularly strong at imparting the gifts, and the risks, of free will. And we combine history with geography, to give your child a sense of the interrelated nature of space, time, culture, and the individual.

Grades Teacher Peter Lawton

Peter Lawton

Fourth Grade Teacher

Your fourth grader will learn:

Language Arts: grammar, punctuation, the nine parts of speech, the four sentence structures and composition, independent reading, discussion, speech and drama

Literature: Norse myths and Native American tales

Mathematics: long division and fractions, including adding, subtracting, multiplying and reducing mixed numbers and prime numbers.

Science: Zoology

Geography: Cartography

History: Minnesota history

Spanish: formal grammar, gender, irregular verbs and personal pronouns, spelling practice, poems, tongue twisters and songs

Physical Education: gymnastics, double dutch, hula hoops, dribbling balls, clapping, chase games and creating original games, folk dances

Handwork: cross stitch embroidery and woodworking

Art: watercolor and acrylic painting, geometric and form drawing and clay modeling

Music: recorder, singing and string ensemble

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