Fifth Grade

Social and Emotional Development

Your fifth grade child has arrived at the mid-point between childhood and adolescence, a transition involving both social and emotional development. It’s a time of harmony and balance as the children are comfortable with themselves and how they relate to the world. This represents a wonderful opportunity for learning.

Our curriculum introduces more formal studies in areas such as history, geometry, botany and geography. We also bring the students on a journey across time and space, to ancient Persia, India, Egypt and Greece. The fifth grade is notable for its Pentathlon event, where fifth graders from multiple Waldorf schools meet to show their best in a contest inspired by the Ancient Greeks. To learn more about the Pentathlon, please click here.

Grades Teacher Timothy Frantzich

Timothy Frantzich

Fifth Grade Teacher

Your fifth grader will learn:

Language Arts: Composition, outlines, study of plots and characters, grammar, speech and drama

Literature: Mythology of ancient cultures

Mathematics: Calculations with fractions and decimals, geometric drawing

Science: Botany

History: India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece

Geography: North American geography

Spanish: Formal grammar, regular verbs and possessive adjectives, individualized dialogue and expanded vocabulary, pronouns, reading and spelling practice, poems and songs

Physical Education: Pentathlon training includes long jump, javelin throwing, discus, running and wrestling

Handwork: Knitting with four needles and wooden spoon carving

Art: Drawing, painting and clay modeling

Music: Recorder, singing and string ensemble

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