Seventh Grade

Discovery Learning

Your seventh grader may be feeling the need to explore limits and express their own opinions. For many children, this is a time for questioning authority, challenging conventions, and asserting independence. We meet seventh graders where they are in development by applying discovery learning principles.

Our curriculum works across all subjects to echo the energy of your seventh grader, including a deep dive into another time of remarkable discovery- the Renaissance. The explosion of creativity and knowledge during this time in history provides an elegant parallel to your child’s experience of adolescence.

Your seventh grader will learn:

Language Arts: Creative writing and composition, grammar, speech and drama

Literature: Classics, biographies, creative writing and poetry

Mathematics: Geometry, negative numbers, powers, roots, pre-algebra

Science: Physics, chemistry, human physiology and nutrition

History: The Renaissance and The Reformation

Geography: African geography

Spanish: Each student compiles a portfolio that showcases their understanding of grammar, phonetics, vocabulary and culture

Physical Education: Circus arts including juggling, balance skills, acrobatics and gymnastics and team sports including volleyball, soccer and basketball.

Handwork: Hand sewing and embroidering a bag for a first grade buddy and woodworking projects

Music: Recorder, singing and string ensemble

Art: Painting, clay modeling, charcoal and perspective drawing

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