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Meet the Staff at City of Lakes Waldorf School

At City of Lakes Waldorf School, teaching is considered an art—one that requires talent, training, sensitivity and passion.

We’re fortunate to have a strong staff of educators, each and every one of whom is dedicated to understanding your child and nurturing their development.

Grades Teachers

Seventh Grade Teacher Peter Lawton

Peter Lawton

Eighth Grade Teacher

About the Grade 8 Curriculum

Seventh Grade Teacher Marcee Hansen

Marcee Hansen

Seventh Grade Teacher

About the Grade 7 Curriculum

Seventh Grade Teacher Ann Meany

Ann Meany

Seventh Grade Teacher

About the Grade 7 Curriculum

Sixth Grade Teacher Jessica Crawford

Jessica Crawford

Sixth Grade Teacher

About the Grade 6 Curriculum

Fifth Grade Teacher Angela Voves

Angela Voves

Fifth Grade Teacher

About the Grade 5 Curriculum

Fourth Grade Teacher Michael Roth

Michael Roth

Fourth Grade Teacher

About the Grade 4 Curriculum

Third Grade Teacher William Watson

William Watson

Third Grade Teacher

About the Grade 3 Curriculum

Second Grade Teacher Daniel Abdon

Daniel Abdon

Second Grade Teacher

About the Grade 2 Curriculum

First Grade Teacher Darcie Steeves

Darcie Steeves

First Grade Teacher

About the Grade 1 Curriculum

Early Childhood Teachers

Toddler Childcare Teacher Lynn Beuning

Lynn Beuning

Toddler Childcare Teacher
Preschool Teacher Anna Ridgeway

Anna Ridgeway

Preschool Teacher
Preschool Teacher Anette Safverblad

Anette Safverblad

Preschool Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher Jessi Lisell

Jessi Lisell

Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher Melissa McPartland

Melissa McPartland

Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher Elena Orsak

Elena Orsak

Kindergarten Teacher
Fernanda Almeida Toddler Assistant

Fernanda Almeida

Toddler Assistant
April Bullock Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

April Bullock

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Melinda Casey Toddler Assistant

Melinda Casey

Toddler Assistant
Maura Hall-Ford Toddler Assistant

Maura Hall-Ford

Toddler Assistant
Preschool Assistant Sue Ivers

Sue Ivers

Preschool Assistant Teacher
Kindergarten Assistant Cory Mahlke

Cory Mahlke

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Eva Mulloy Toddler Assistant

Eva Mulloy

Toddler Assistant
Kindergarten Assistant Louise Miller

Louise Miller

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
Preschool Assistant Sarah Rose Miller

Sarah Rose Miller

Preschool Assistant Teacher
Kindergarten Assistant Jenny Nelson

Jenny Nelson

Kindergarten and Grades Assistant Teacher

Little Sprouts Teacher Nina Sherburne

Nina Sherburne

Little Sprouts Teacher

Subject Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and Extended Day

Allyson Amis Kindergarten Assistant

Allyson Amis

Kindergarten Extended Day Teacher
Woodwork Assistant and Grades Extended Day Teacher Erin Anderson

Erin Anderson

Art and Woodwork Assistant Teacher
Educational Support Teacher Neela Bettaglio

Neela Bettaglio

Educational Support Teacher
Kindergarten Assistant Julia Borger

Julia Borger

Handwork Assistant

Grades Assistant Susan Buckley

Susan Buckley

Grades Assistant Teacher
Math Teacher Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley

Math Teacher
Movement and Games Teacher Jason Burnstein

Jason Burnstein

Movement and Games Teacher
Spanish Teacher Andres Hernandez

Andrés Hernández

Spanish Teacher

Grades 1-8 Assistant Brad Kampf

Brad Kampf

Grades Assistant Teacher
Art and Woodwork Teacher Kevin Kane

Kevin Kane

Art and Woodwork Teacher
Handwork Teacher Elizabeth Kelley

Elizabeth Kelley

Handwork Teacher

Social Health Coordinator Ann Meany

Ann Meany

Social Health Coordinator
Educational Support Teacher Kerry Miller

Kerry Miller

Educational Support Coordinator
Grades Extended Day Coordinator Carlisle Evans Peck

Carlisle Evans Peck

Grades Extended Day Coordinator
Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Carlos Rodriguez-Medina

Carlos Rodriguez

Early Childhood Assistant Teacher

String Ensemble Teacher Stasia Verdoljak

Stasia Verdoljak

String Ensemble Teacher
Cyntia Wolburg Extended Day Teacher

Cyntia Wolburg

Preschool Extended Day Teacher


Admissions Director Soni Albright

Soni Albright

Admissions Director
Development Director Caroline Askew

Caroline Askew

Development Director
School Store Coordinator Jen Buck

Jen Buck

School Store Coordinator
Facilities Supervisor Rex Dale

Rex Dale

Facilities Supervisor

Librarian Sally Dale

Sally Dale

Faculty Co-Chair Marcee Hansen

Marcee Hansen

Faculty Co-Chair
Administrative Assistant Sarah Litchy

Sarah Litchy

Administrative Assistant
Marketing, Communications, and Events Coordinator Kitty O'Brien

Kitty O’Brien

Marketing, Communications, and Events Coordinator

Lauri Pierce Faculty Co-Chair

Lauri Pierce

Faculty Co-Chair
Business and Property Manager Deb Rausch

Deb Rausch

Business and Property Manager
Marti Stewart

Marti Stewart

Administrative Director
Front Desk Coordinator Emily Trenholm

Emily Trenholm

Front Desk Coordinator

Development Associate Natalie Walters

Natalie Walters

Development Associate