First Grade

First Grade Jitters

The first grade is an exciting time at our school, as children transition from the familiarity of home or kindergarten into a more formal learning environment. While this can bring on first grade jitters, your first grade child has a sense of wonder and imagination perfectly suited to this new challenge. And our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to reward this curiosity, laying the foundation for lifetime learning.

First Grade Teacher Daniel Abdon

Daniel Abdon

First Grade Teacher

Daniel Abdon has extensive experience teaching children of all ages as a Waldorf class teacher and has additionally instructed children as a private piano teacher and as an early childhood music educator at MacPhail Center for Music for almost twenty years. As a Waldorf Teacher, Daniel taught grades one through eight at Spring Hill School in Excelsior and later taught grade one at the Minnesota Waldorf School. Mr. Abdon is known to many as an accomplished musician and music teacher: he also sings in a vocal ensemble that performs internationally called S.T.A.R.S (Singers Taking Action Reaching Souls).


Your first grader will learn:

Language Arts: Letters and vocabulary through pictures, poems, class plays and storytelling

Literature: Folk and fairy tales

Mathematics: Number patterns and concepts, the four operations

Science: Nature study

Spanish: Greetings, colors, numbers, and basic phrases

Physical Education: Cooperative clapping and rhyming games, chasing games, jump rope, parachute play and dancing

Handwork: Basic knitting stitch leads to increasingly complex projects like a pouch, ball and cat

Art: Watercolor painting, beeswax modeling and form drawing

Music: Recorder and singing

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