Sixth Grade

Middle School

As puberty approaches, your sixth grade student may be about to enter a time of inner turmoil. Alongside the physical changes, you can expect to see stronger objective reasoning and critical thinking skills. Sixth graders beginning middle school seek balance between their own individuality and their desire to belong.

Our curriculum responds by teaching Astronomy, Geometry, Business Math and the Roman Empire, which all emphasize unity and lawfulness. This resonates with the sixth grader’s desire for justice and order during a time of physical transformation and inner struggle.

Grades Teacher Darcie Steeves

Darcie Steeves

Sixth Grade Teacher

Your sixth grader will learn:

Language Arts: Research and expository writing, business writing, speech and drama

Literature: Roman mythology and Arthurian legends

Mathematics: Business math in preparation for algebra and geometry

Science: Physics, astronomy and geology

History: Roman and medieval history

Geography: Global geography

Spanish: Formal grammar, dictation, comprehensive reading, individualized dialogue, and expanded vocabulary, reading, spelling practice, poems and songs

Physical Education: Circus arts including juggling, balance skills, acrobatics, gymnastics and team sports including volleyball, soccer and basketball

Handwork: Hand sewing a stuffed animal

Music: Recorder, singing and string ensemble

Art: Charcoal drawing, painting, clay modeling

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