Third Grade

Identity Formation

Your third grader is becoming more independent and curious about the world and their role in it. At the same time, this growing sense of self may be accompanied by a feeling of separation and perhaps even loneliness. Our third grade curriculum helps your child navigate this pivotal developmental year of identity formation. We study creation stories that mirror an awakening to the human condition. And we introduce a wide range of solutions to human problems- farming, gardening, cooking, measuring, telling time, building shelters and weaving all help your child discover a new sense of self-reliance.

Grades Teacher Coua Vang

Coua Vang

Third Grade Teacher

Your third grader will learn:

Language Arts: Grammar, spelling and cursive writing

Literature: Multi-cultural creation stories

Mathematics: Long division, measurement and telling time

Science: Farming, gardening and house building

Spanish: Individualized dialogue, vocabulary, writing and reading practice, songs and stories

Physical Education: Folk dances, balance games, gymnastics, jump roping, hula hoops, clapping and chase games

Handwork: Crocheted ball, hat and puppet

Art: Watercolor painting, clay modeling and crayon drawing

Music: Recorder, singing and string ensemble

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