Anna Ridgeway

Anna Ridgeway - Preschool Teacher

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Anna Ridgeway joined City of Lakes Waldorf School in 2000 and is the first City of Lakes Waldorf School alumna to join the faculty. Her child psychology education stems from a Bachelor of Arts in child psychology from University of Minnesota. She also has a Waldorf early childhood teaching certificate from Micha-el Institute. Ms. Anna is proud to be a second generation Waldorf teacher.

Your preschooler is building the capacity for creative thinking, problem solving and learning. Play is an essential part of this process.

Our classrooms offer a nurturing environment for discovery and learning. Whether inventing games of make-believe or splashing in puddles at Fair Oaks Park, we engage your preschooler’s senses and emotions. This gentle introduction lays the groundwork for learning in the grades.

During outdoor play, children are encouraged to run, skip, jump rope and balance in order to develop physical coordination. Inside, modeling with beeswax, helping to prepare food, and finger knitting and painting all help children develop the fine motor skills needed for reading and writing.

Teachers lead games, verses, songs, and folk stories. The children build a rich vocabulary, strengthen memory, and practice comprehension and phonics – all invaluable skills for reading later on. Children build the ability to listen with attention and focus, because their natural curiosity is engaged.

Your preschooler will enjoy:

Learning stories, poems and songs by heart

Helping to prepare healthy snacks. Students help the teachers set the table, prepare the food, serve one another and clean up

Practicing good manners with their classmates

Exploring nature year round

Plenty of time for creative free play

Creating art projects with natural materials

A schedule designed to create a gentle transition from home to school

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