Sponsorship Bio: Delightful Healing Arts

Amy(003)-001aAmy Laederach is an Early Childhood Assistant at City of Lakes Waldorf School, but she’s also a holistic health provider with her own small business, and one of our school sponsors! She took time to share details about her business and what she loves about the school.

CLWS: Can you tell us a little about Delightful Healing Arts?

Amy: The Delightful Healing Arts mission is two-fold.  Firstly, as an integrative health care modality in energy-based therapy, it serves to facilitate health and well being for the body, mind and soul.  Secondly, it acts as a vehicle for personal expression.  Monthly blog posts share insights for personal development, soul growth and mindful awareness.  In sharing original art and photography, I hope to inspire creativity and joy.  Delightful Healing Arts aims to facilitate an awakened consciousness, optimal health and well being, while supporting one on the path of discovered truth and purpose in life.


CLWS: What moved you to start your business? 

Amy: After years of studying soul development and healing for my own personal growth, I began to see that I had acquired tools and skills that I could share with others.  I recognized my joy in working with others and aimed to share not only the healing benefits of the work, but also my passion for the creativity and mystery within the Healing Arts.  Science can explain some of the work, but it still amazes me that by partnering the touch of a hand with conscious intent, physical, emotional and mental shifts take place resulting in greater health, peace and well being.


CLWS: How long have you been in business?

Amy: In 2005, I first opened a professional practice in energy-based therapy in Minneapolis, operating as The Healing Space, LLC.  Now, 10 years later, I have grown considerably both in my competencies, knowledge and skills as a practitioner, but also on a personal level.  It was in January of 2014, I decided to rename the business to better reflect my joy and passion for healing and art, and thus was born, Delightful Healing Arts, LLC.


CLWS: What is your favorite part of your work? 

Amy: My favorite part of the work is discovering, witnessing, and facilitating the qualities of healing that are unique to each individual client.  I find joy in providing energetic space for people to find increased health, relief from pain or illness, or perhaps integrate greater aspects of their own spirit consciousness into their body personality.


CLWS: How did you first hear about City of Lakes Waldorf School? 

Amy: I am amused to note, that it was exactly my interests in healing and art that brought me to City of Lakes Waldorf School.  I had been studying healing work at the Center for Wholeness.  It was there that I later took a Hauschka painting class offered by Donna Webb, who at the time was an art teacher at Spring Hill Waldorf School.  My fellow classmates were all talking about the different temperaments as defined by Rudolf Steiner. Turns out most of my classmates had some connection with CLWS.  This art class sparked my curiosity and shortly after, I began taking foundational classes in Anthroposophical studies and Waldorf education through the Novalis Institute.


CLWS: What do you appreciate most about the City of Lakes Waldorf School community? 

Amy: What I appreciate about the City of Lakes Waldorf School community is simply that it IS a community.  We live in a time where life can feel busy and disjointed. CLWS provides a foundation for growth and development of the child, but also creates a sense of belonging for families and staff.  As a community, a greater vision can be supported, bringing balance to ourselves and to the world into we extend our dreams, purpose and commitment to a greater good.


CLWS: Why did you want to partner with City of Lakes Waldorf School this year? 

Amy: I wanted to partner Delightful Healing Arts with City of Lakes Waldorf School because I find joy and happiness in both these places.  As I spend my morning hours as a kindergarten assistant, I am fortunate to witness and facilitate the growth of these amazing children.  In the afternoon, I practice energy-based therapy, also witnessing and facilitating growth and healing for people outside of the school.  It seems like a natural progression to have the two meet.  It is my hope that by partnering, the CLWS community will recognize Delightful Healing Arts as a resource close at hand, one that aims to facilitate health, well-being, balance and peace for the body, mind and soul.

Thank you so much for the interview, Amy! Delightful Healing Arts made several generous donations to our Silent Auction, so try out her services and support our school at the same time!