Winter Parent Ed Event: The Waldorf Approach to Technology and Media

Two students take apart a computer during Cyber Civics class

Our next parent education event is coming up on Tuesday, January 30, from 6:00-7:30 pm. Mark your calendars to attend this special event, designed to explore the Waldorf approach to technology and media.

You will hear from early childhood and grades teachers about the “why” behind our slow-tech approach and recommended media guidelines, and from our Cyber Civics teachers, Soni Albright and Carlisle Evans Peck, about our Cyber Civics program for middle school students. You will also learn about some of the latest research and trends impacting children today, and the many positive short and long term impacts of a balanced and mindful approach to media use.

All are welcome! Please contact Kitty O’Brien ( with questions.

“Waldorf students, exposed to a balanced and mindful approach to media use, understand the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with technology. Through the integration of Cyber Civics, they learn to manage screen time, prioritize face-to-face interactions, and foster a sense of well-being in a digital world. This advantage translates into high school and beyond, contributing to improved focus, mental well-being, and a holistic approach to life. Such skills are highly valuable in navigating the demands of academics, extracurricular activities, and social relationships during high school and into adulthood.”

–Soni Albright, Admissions Director, Cyber Civics Teacher, and Media Literacy Expert

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Waldorf Schools Are Media Literacy Role Models: The United States and most of the world is just now talking about the ‘need for digital citizenship’ and the importance of ‘educating our youth’ about media use, misinformation, balance and wellness and, most importantly, how to use tech ethically and wisely. All the while, Waldorf schools have been quietly holding this conversation with intentionality and patience for decades: asking families to be thoughtful, mindful, discerning, and slow with media access for children. Read the full article.

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