2018-19 Annual Fund Campaign: Help Us Meet Our $58,600 Match!

Please join us in celebrating 30 years of exceptional community by making a gift to our 2018-19 Annual Fund Campaign.

Thanks to the generosity of several City of Lakes Waldorf School families, we are thrilled to launch this year’s campaign with a $58,600 match! Every donation made between now and December 31, 2018 will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar up to our first $58,600 raised (a $50 gift will become $100, a $1000 gift will become $2000, etc.).

Our goal for this year’s Annual Fund Campaign is $150,000 and 100% participation. We hope to receive all pledges and donations to the 2018-19 Annual Fund Campaign by December 31, 2018. However, only donations received on or before December 31, 2018 are eligible for the match.

This year City of Lakes Waldorf school celebrates 30 years of community. Founded in 1988, we are now a thriving Waldorf school providing a singular educational experience to over 300 children in our toddler through grade eight programs. Throughout our 30 years of development, gifts from parents, alumni families, grandparents and special friends have allowed us to become the established, financially secure institution that we are today. The needs of our times are great—and our mission to support the development of creative, compassionate and free thinking “human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and meaning to their lives” (Rudolf Steiner) is more important than ever before. The remarkable experience of community within individual classrooms, the whole student body and the broader school community are at the heart of our mission and support City of Lakes Waldorf School graduates to seek and create meaningful communities across the world.

Please join us in celebrating 30 years of exceptional community by making a gift to our annual fund campaign today.

Thank you for supporting City of Lakes Waldorf School!

Why Give?

70% of gifts to the Annual Fund go directly to compensation and benefits for our faculty and staff. If you would like to show support for our teachers, support the Annual Fund! City of Lakes Waldorf School is a fiscally healthy non-profit with notably low overhead costs. That means you can feel confident that your gift goes straight to the heart of our mission: directly supporting the teachers who offer an enlivened Waldorf education to our students every day.

The costs of education continue to rise. Our Minneapolis Public Schools expenditures now exceed $23,000 per pupil. At a tuition rate of $15,100 for one middle school student, the question becomes: How does City of Lakes Waldorf School provide an exceptional school experience for one third less than the cost of public schools? In part, the answer is the Annual Fund which provides significant support to our annual budget. 

Our Annual Fund Campaign and other development efforts support nearly 10% of our school’s budget each year. These funds fill the gap between what is charged by tuition and the actual cost of providing a Waldorf education to every student. Without generous donations to the Annual Fund, we would need to charge over $1,000 more per student in tuition. We rely on these tax-deductible gifts to bridge the gap and balance the school’s budget each year. Annual gifts help to provide the highest quality education possible while keeping tuition affordable so that more students can benefit from Waldorf education. We could not do it without you.

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