Courageous Conversations with Fionn and Jonathan Angus

Fionn and Jonathan Angus

Courageous Conversations with Fionn and Jonathan Angus

Tuesday, September 24 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm
City of Lakes Waldorf School, 2344 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis 55404

City of Lakes Waldorf School is pleased to offer an evening of conversation and exploration with Jonathan and Fionn Angus on Tuesday, September 24, at 6:30 pm. Jonathan and Fionn are traveling to the United States from County Clare, Ireland, spreading their message of the powerful gift of differences and the great healing work of inclusion. Jonathan, originally from Ann Arbor, MI, is a trained Waldorf teacher who taught for many years at the Minnesota Waldorf School and at Waldorf schools in Ireland.

Five years ago this dynamic duo set up a nonprofit multi-media production and education company, Fionnathan Productions, with the aim of fostering Fionn’s passion for art, film, teaching, and nature. Their first project was to interview other people with Down Syndrome and create a mini documentary. Since then, they have visited fifteen countries around the world, teaching, making music, interviewing and filming, opening countless eyes and ears to the world of possibilities for people with developmental challenges.

About the workshop

When it comes to envisioning a great life, Fionn and Jonathan Angus are world-class imagineers. When life gives them lemons, they teach themselves how to juggle, and then make lemon meringue pie, and share some with the neighbors.

During their return from Ireland for a short stay in the Twin Cities, this son and father team will share examples of what they have achieved by thinking outside the box, embracing community, and personalizing policies in ways never before attempted – only to find the bureaucrats are often won over to their side.

They’ll share lessons learned in the fine art of negotiating for things they are passionate about, from the soft sell to the High Court, and facilitate a discussion about:

  • What is Social Justice, and why is inclusion a core social justice issue?
  • When should you compromise, while keeping your eye on the prize?
  • Where are we on our way toward becoming a radically inclusive school community?

To learn more about Fionn and Jonathan, please click here.

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