Cyber Civics Workshop

Cyber Civics: How to Bring Offline Values to the Online World

Are you craving a healthier relationship with technology for you and your family? Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused by what’s happening online, and looking for thoughtful guidance?

In collaboration with Clockwork, City of Lakes Waldorf School is pleased to present an upcoming Cyber Civics webinar for parents, grandparents, and anyone who spends time with kids. Drawing from the innovative Cyber Civics curriculum (introduced to our students in 6th grade), CLWS Admissions Director and Cyber Civics Teacher Soni Albright will help you identify, define, and uphold your personal philosophies and family values when it comes to guiding young people in the digital realm.

More details and a link to attend the webinar will be available soon.

Why you should attend

“The thing that I really appreciate about Cyber Civics is it doesn’t just talk about rules that you can make, it talks about the character of a person who uses technology, like how to be thoughtful about your character, about your person, about your value,” says Clockwork CEO, and CLWS parent and board president, Nancy Lyons. “I think that a lot of people aren’t really thinking about it that way.” Click here to read more from Nancy.

Soni AlbrightAbout Soni

Soni Albright is a long-time public and private school teacher and administrator who has almost two decades of experience in a variety of educational settings across North Dakota, Nevada, California, and Minnesota. Soni has been teaching digital citizenship classes for youth and adults for over six years. As the Admissions Director and Cyber Civics teacher at City of Lakes Waldorf School—and herself a mother of four—Soni brings a unique perspective and understanding to her classes and workshops. “I talk to young people every day, and I understand their basic nature—their desire to be social, their need to create, their longing for independence,” says Soni. “I offer tools for parents to bridge the gap between restrictive and free range digital parenting.” Soni is also an accomplished artist and, in her spare time, you can almost always find her engaging in something creative, with a lego embedded in her foot and a half-crossed-off to do list nearby.

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