Staff Appreciation Day: Coming February 20!

by: Rachel Ernst, Parent Association

kay with cakeHave you begun to feel the yearly rhythm provided for us by our school’s faculty and staff? While the children are dipping candles and cutting hearts from red felt and paper, it is time for parents to look around  and give a warm “Thank You” to those who keep the fires lit at our school. Staff Appreciation Day is when we let teachers, staff and a handful of volunteers bask in the heat of hot soup, warm bread, and written recognition of our gratitude.

So, in the weeks leading up to Staff Appreciation Day on Thursday, February 20, take time to notice your community. Contemplate the  atmosphere of beauty and kindness created by staff and volunteers. While your children make their Valentine cards, join them at the table to jot some thank you notes to City of Lakes Waldorf School faculty and staff.  Save your cards to tie on the Appreciation Tree, which will grace the school entryway prior to Valentine’s Day. The 5-day break from February 13-17 is a great opportunity to write  thank you notes too.

appreciation treeOn Tuesday, February 18 and Wednesday, February 19,  parents are invited to help prepare for Staff Appreciation Day on Thursday, February 20. All members of our community are invited to continue the tradition of bringing in lots of nourishing food (No Nuts Please!) and treats for staff throughout the day. Then, help gather up all the notes from the Appreciation Tree in the foyer and deliver them to the staff. You can get involved by emailing Meg