A Child-Centered Education, Where Kids Feel “Seen”

Kindergarten Teacher Carlos Rodriguez plays with one of his young students, who is smiling gleefully

One of the best scientific predictors for how a child turns out, in terms of happiness, academic success, and meaningful relationships, is whether adults in their life consistently show up for them.

At City of Lakes Waldorf School, our teachers strive to see and recognize each one of our students, greeting them each morning individually, and working with them over multiple years to build on their unique strengths and meet their individual challenges, giving them the tools they need to thrive.

“Science suggests, and experience supports, that when we show up for our kids and give them the opportunity to be seen, they can learn how to see themselves with clarity and honesty,” says psychiatrist Daniel J. Siegel and social worker Tina Payne Bryson in their new book, The Power of Showing Up. Click here to read the full excerpt, where Siegel and Bryson share two strategies that can make a child feel seen.

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