Learning is Multi-Sensory. Teaching Should Be Too.

Hands on learning at City of Lakes Waldorf School

Children learn in many different ways. That’s why it is so important for teachers to bring concepts through multiple senses.

At City of Lakes Waldorf School, we teach science through stories as well as outdoors in nature and in the lab. We move, build, and even bake and eat our math. We teach literature through performing arts. We sing our history and languages.

We do all this because it helps us reach more children, more deeply, in a way that they love and remember.

Our five senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste) send information to our brain, which is designed to recognize sensations, initiate behaviors, and store memories. This recent article from Edutopia focuses on the ways multisensory activities enhance reading skills—for all types of learners.

In the photos above, our industrious third grade students enjoy a feast for the senses—carding wool!—as part of their farming block.

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