Waldorf Education: A Video Series by Peter Lawton

CLWS faculty member Peter Lawton has created a series of animated video presentations about Waldorf education, including a three-part series that creatively illustrates Waldorf’s holistic and developmental approach to learning.

“No other educational program is more true to its own understanding of what it means to be a human being than Waldorf education,” says Peter. “Whether you ultimately resonate with the Waldorf school’s picture of the human being, or with the educational practices based on that picture, you will not find another school that articulates such a coherent relationship between the two.”

About the series:

“Waldorf Education: An Introduction” utilizes simple drawings, diagrams, and photographs to creatively explore one of the world’s fastest-growing independent school movements. Part one explores holistic and developmental learning and what this looks like in a Waldorf school. Part two focuses more on the social and emotional aspects of learning, and investigates emotion and behavior from a psychological perspective. Part three explores emotion and behavior from a pedagogical perspective, analyzing Waldorf educational practices designed to foster healthy emotional and behavioral development.

  • Waldorf Education: An Introduction (Part 1) | Watch Now
  • Waldorf Education: An Introduction (Part 2) | Watch Now
  • Waldorf Education: An Introduction (Part 3) | Watch Now

“Waldorf Education: The 7 Core Principles,” another video created by Peter, explores some of Waldorf’s most important shared principles, underlying beliefs, and starting assumptions. Click here to watch.

About Peter

Peter Lawton has served as a class teacher at City of Lakes Waldorf School for the past 17 years, leading two classes from first through eighth grade. He holds a Bachelor of Music in voice from the Manhattan School of Music, a Doctor of Education in policy and administration from the University of St. Thomas, and a Waldorf teaching certificate from Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Education Program. Before joining the faculty of City of Lakes, Peter taught middle and high school math for Minneapolis Public Schools.

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