In the News: Why Social-Emotional Learning is More Important Than Ever

5th grade students participate in the outbreath activity of clay modeling, as part of our focus on emotional regulation.

Teaching social-emotional skills is critically important, both for helping students to be resilient in challenging circumstances, as well as building the empathy and emotional intelligence that students will need for their future. Hand-in-hand with our outstanding academics, our curriculum focuses on developing critical social-emotional capacities through music, movement, and the arts.

“By embedding SEL into explicit instruction, practice and curriculum, we can help our youth better navigate the difficult circumstances they’ll face throughout their lives,” says Byron Sanders, the president and CEO of the youth empowerment nonprofit Big Thought. “We can help them thrive, even in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic.” Read more from Sanders in his recent article “The Power Of Social And Emotional Learning: Why SEL Is More Important Than Ever” published by Forbes.

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