Waldorf Education: An Introduction by Peter Lawton

Sixth grade teacher Peter Lawton recently created a series of video presentations about Waldorf education, and we are pleased to share the first video with you here. “Waldorf Education: An Introduction” utilizes simple drawings, diagrams, and photographs to creatively illustrate and explore Waldorf’s holistic and developmental approach to learning.

“No other educational program is more true to its own understanding of what it means to be a human being than Waldorf education,” says Peter. “Whether you ultimately resonate with the Waldorf school’s picture of the human being, or with the educational practices based on that picture, you will not find another school that articulates such a coherent relationship between the two.”

More about the video, from Peter:

The first half of the video explores holistic and developmental learning in a more general sense. The second half provides specific examples of holistic and developmental educational practices employed in Waldorf schools. Holistic practices considered include the use of art and narrative. Developmentally appropriate practices are compared through the example of text analysis.

The video concludes with an exploration of the dynamic relationship between holistic and developmental educational practices.

A second video (forthcoming) focuses more on the social and emotional aspects of learning. To watch the first video, please click here.

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  1. Barbara Wellbeloved

    I found this video presentation of Waldorf Education the best interpretation I have seen in many years. So kudos to you, Peter Lawton! And thank you!
    Is there any way that I could get a (possibly shortened?) transcription of the text? It is just so useful that I’d love to be able to keep it easily available?
    Kind regards

  2. Miriam Mimms

    I’d like to link our folks in Nashville to Peter’s outstanding video in our newsletter and website, giving full credit, of course. Thank you for the thought, time, and care it took to produce this work. Clearly, it’s a labor of love!
    Miriam Mimms

  3. Heinz Brodbeck, Dr

    Many thanks, Peter, for your excellent video. At a Waldorf School assembly in Switzerland a group work was given to us to describe exactly what you have explained/explored in your video. Unfortunately we haven’t achieved to formulate it with words and concepts understandable by “ordinary” people outside of the Waldorf school movement; we basically remained with labels – well known to us, however maybe slightly obscure to “outsiders”. Your approach seems pragmatic, illustrative and instructive, the issue becomes concrete and hence plausible. That way of explaining differencies might appeal to many. Thanks again, looking forward to more.

    Heinz Brodbeck, Dr
    Member of the Board of Waldorf Schools in Switzerland (ARGE)
    Volunteer Project Leader Empirical Research
    (+41) 044 686 15 26
    homepage: https://goo.gl/XlVL4N
    Linked in: http://goo.gl/EwbTXW

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