Stanford: Why Waldorf Math Works

A 6th grade student uses colored pencils to color in an intricate geometric pattern

An in-depth study by Stanford University of the Waldorf educational method in place at a public school in Sacramento, CA found that those students outperformed their peers in other public schools in their district in math, with the most gains among African American, Latino, economically disadvantaged students, and other traditionally underserved students. The researchers found that in Waldorf education math is taught in multiple ways. Students move their math, sing their math, paint, draw and build their math, and it is brought into other lessons like history.

An Integrated Approach

At CLWS, at every level of instruction, the arts—both fine and practical—are the media through which the teachers present and develop the lesson content. By allowing the students to make an emotional connection to the material, we deepen their experience and understanding of each subject, from history to geometry, and from poetry to physics. The arts are present in every lesson of every day.

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