Creating a Nature Mandala

By Kelly Shay

As we celebrate Earth Day and welcome a New Moon, I invite you—using elements and natural objects from the Earth—to create a mandala with your family this week. Creating a mandala using items found in nature can be a profound way to connect and honor the planet, practice gratitude, release what is no longer serving the mind and body, and share this offering with our children.

What is a mandala?

A mandala is a geometric design that means “circle” in Sanskrit. Creating or engaging with sacred geometry is thought to be a pathway to connect on a deeper level to our source or infinity. Through time, particularly in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism, circular geometric figures have been a way to enter into a meditative state.

Creating a mandala is a very intentional and meditative practice that can bring our minds into a more relaxed, peaceful, and empowered state. The beauty of the practice can be one of which the breath is noticed, heard, and felt, and where you drop as deep as you can go into the precious present moment of what is now. Visualizations aid in the prayer. Envision a perfect world free of suffering, doubt, fear, and inequality. Envision peace, unity, harmony, and that all beings everywhere experience the joy and comfort of love, safety, and optimal health.

How to create a mandala

Have a center point to start and allow the children lead the way and pick up what resonates most with them. Pine cones, seeds, leaves, grass, branches, flowers, stones, etc. the list goes on of what can be used for this creation. This should be a fun and reflective activity.

A circle or spiral in form is encouraged, but do what feels most intuitive. Set an intention, a prayer, sing a song, dance, envision the world you want to see.

What a perfect way to connect with our children and honor our planet/home for all that she provides!

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